No one wants to hear that their transmission has gone bad. As one of the more expensive repairs, it's one that those of us at the Ourisman Fairfax Toyota service department want to actively help you avoid. How can you look out for your transmission? Read on to find out. The transmission controls the application of power from the engine. Just like every part of your vehicle, the transmission can wear down and can lead to costly repairs if you don't catch issues quickly enough! Because of that, we encourage our customers to pay close attention to the signs of transmission trouble.

Here are a few:
  • Grinding: If you hear a grinding noise when you shift gears, it could be your transmission.
  • Shaking: While shaking can be a sign of many problems, one of them is a faulty transmission.
  • Noise While in Neutral: If you notice your car is noisy when in neutral, your transmission may need some service.
  • Burning Smell: Never ignore a burning smell in your vehicle. You'll need an inspection to find out where it's coming from, but it could be your transmission.
  • Slow Response: If your car hesitates while you're putting it into gear, you could be looking at a bad transmission.
If you've noticed any of these signs, call the experts at Ourisman Fairfax Toyota at 888-336-5175 or schedule your service online. We offer affordable prices on parts and service in the Fairfax area. You'll also be able to work with our expert staff to ensure that your vehicle is in the best shape possible.


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