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Shop For New Toyota RAV4 Lease Specials and Finance Offers in Richmond, VA

It is always helpful to have a vehicle that you enjoy driving. While you want something practical and that suits your needs, you will also want something that you and your family can enjoy. With the Toyota RAV4, you will get all of that and more. This is an SUV that has become so popular over the years because of its durability, innovative design, and cool features. If you are now looking for a new SUV, you will want to take some time to visit Ourisman Chantilly Toyota near Chantilly and test drive the RAV4. Instead of buying it, allow us to tell you about some of the lease deals currently being offered. This could end up being a great option for you.

Why Should I Consider Leasing a Toyota RAV4?

Leasing has its advantages in many situations. You will notice that you do not need a down payment to drive away in a new vehicle. This is because you will not be buying it. While you will need to put down a deposit and pay some taxes and fees, the typical down payment is a thing of the past with a lease. In addition, the monthly payments tend to be much more appealing than you would find with a financing agreement. This leaves more room in your family budget at the end of every month, so that is something to quite literally take to the bank with you.

You will also enjoy leasing because it allows you to drive around in a new vehicle for a few years, knowing that you can easily get another new one at the end of the term. You do not have to sell the car first to do that either. You just return it to a Toyota dealership, and they will take care of the rest. It is quite a simple process, after which you can begin looking for another new lease to drive around Arlington, VA and Springfield, VA.

Can I Drive My Leased Toyota RAV4 As Much As I Want?

While it is not necessarily a drawback, you will want to be aware that there is a mileage limitation placed on leased vehicles. This is because the dealership will want to sell your Toyota RAV4 when you return it in a few years. If there are too many miles on it, then the value will be diminished. At the time of the lease, you may be able to work with Ourisman Chantilly Toyota to negotiate for more miles to be added to the terms if you feel that you will need them. If you do happen to go over the number of miles allowed before the end of the lease, then you will be charged a flat rate per mile. Again, that will be spelled out in the contract for you before you sign.

What if I Decide I Want to Keep My Toyota RAV4?

Many people decide that they just cannot part ways with their leased Toyota RAV4 at the end of the term. Given how comfortable and fun this SUV is to drive, that is certainly understandable. You can always opt to purchase the vehicle and just keep it. When you sign your lease, the contract will stipulate a residual value. This is the dollar amount that you need to pay in order to purchase the RAV4 at the end of the lease. This could be appealing if you end up going way over the mileage allowance.

As you can now tell, leasing a Toyota RAV4 has its advantages. You will just want to consider if this is an option that works well for you and your situation. If you have any questions about the process, Ourisman Chantilly Toyota is ready to assist you however they can. If you're in Washington, DC or Vienna, VA, stop by today to look at the RAV4, and perhaps you can drive home in a new one today. Contact us to check out our Toyota lease deals , Toyota finance center, new Toyota models, and new Toyota RAV4 models.


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