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Think all tire stores are the same? Think again! 

Many people think that buying tires from a dealership will be more expensive than buying from a discount tire store. This is definitely not the case. Ourisman Chantilly Toyota often runs tire specials to Toyota vehicle drivers in and around Chantilly in nearby cities like Herdon, Reston and the larger Northern Virginia and Washtinton DC region.

Tire Warranty and Services

Typically, Ourisman Chantilly Toyota can offer a better warranty than most discount tire stores. Be sure to factor the value of a warranty into the cost of the tires you are buying if they cost less down the street.

Also, our Chantilly Toyota service center often includes other services in the price of the tires we sell. Things like tire rotation, tire balancing, and wheel alignment may cost extra at Chantilly discount tire stores, or not be available, if you buy tires online.

The Right Tires on Sale

Ourisman Chantilly Toyota Tires

When you buy tires from our Chantilly area service center, you will ensure the tire brands on sale are the right ones for your Toyota vehicle. That's what our certified service staff specializes in! Don't drive a Toyota car or truck? No problem! Our wheel and tire specialists will make sure you find the perfect car tires for whatever vehicle you drive.

Our Chantilly area dealership staff takes the time to find out how and where you drive your Toyota car. This makes a huge impact on the type of tires you should buy for your car. City driving vs. country driving will make a difference, as well as how far you drive daily. Buying car tires online may not give you this same type of opportunity to ask questions and even "try-on" new car tires to see what they look like.

Unsure whether your car or truck needs new tires? Stop by Ourisman Chantilly Toyota to have our certified tire technicians check the wear, tread, and inflation pressure.

Above all, you'll have a great experience when you buy tires from our Chantilly area service center. Our customer service is top-notch, and we believe in treating our customers right. Shop at Ourisman Chantilly Toyota for an affordable selection of wheels and tires for your Toyota car or truck.