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Check These Items Off to Prepare Your Vehicle for Fall

To keep your vehicle in the best shape possible, Ourisman Chantilly Toyota recommends servicing your car before the new season begins. With fall right around the corner, it means winter will be on its way soon, so it’s important to check a few maintenance items off and prepare your vehicle for fall.

Not every item on here will need maintenance, but we do recommend taking a quick look just to make sure your vehicle is in good condition.

Battery: Your car's battery may need to be replaced depending on its condition. A few things to pay attention to are:

  • Dimming Lights: The lights in the interior and exterior of your vehicle may not be as bright as you’re used to.
  • Battery Fluid: If the fluid is below expected, test the battery and charging system.
  • Battery Leak: You’ll most likely see a leak where the positive and negative connectors are located.

Fluids: We all know the oil in your car is important but so are the rest of the fluids, such as windshield wiper fluid, battery fluid, brake fluid, and more. To avoid any complications in the long run, make sure they are at the manufacturer’s recommended level.

Tires: Everything from checking the air pressure to the tire depth is recommended as you prepare for fall. With an air gauge, you’ll be able to know where your tires should be. This will help with fuel efficiency and the performance of your driving.

Brakes: If you’re not stopping quickly, hearing weird noises, or if you’re feeling irregular movements, then it may be time to get your breaks replaced. Whether this is the case or not, you should still consider a brake inspection.

The checklist for fall preparation goes on, but these are items we find to be a high priority. We want you to remember that each vehicle is different and may require different type of work.

We also recommend adding an emergency kit if you haven’t already. An emergency kit should include safety items, perishable food, car tools such as jumper cables, tow ropes, jacks, etc. With the season changing, it is important to add items that may be beneficial for that season.

Ourisman Chantilly Toyota is committed to your safety. Stop by today to get the full support of Ourisman Chantilly Toyota at our service center or call 703-378-2323.