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Maximize your ToyotaCare Benefits

Genuine Toyota Service


Genuine Toyota Service

Your new Toyota comes with Toyota Care, a comprehensive maintenance plan that covers all required maintenance under normal use for the first two years or 25,000 miles, whichever occurs first.  But what should you do now to make sure that you receive the full value that Toyota Care offers?

First, be aware of the maintenance interval. Toyota vehicles require maintenance at least every six months or 5000 miles, whichever occurs first, in order to maintain your factory warranties. Your Toyota has a maintenance reminder to let you know when service is due soon, but the maintenance reminder counts the mileage, not the months. Toyota Care covers your 5,000 mile, 10,000 mile, 15,000 mile, 20,000 mile, and 25,000 mile maintenances provided that they are all completed within 2 years/ 25,000 miles.*

Second, know how many miles you drive per year. Why is this important?

If you drive more than 12,500 miles per year, then you will service your Toyota every 5000 miles, and you will complete all five Toyota Care services before the first two years of ownership end. You will have received the maximum benefit available under Toyota Care. Your maintenance reminder will illuminate to let you know when it is time for service.

If you drive less than 12,500 miles per year, you will service your vehicle every five months, and you will complete all five Toyota Care services before the Toyota Care benefits expire. You will have received the maximum benefit available under Toyota Care. In this case, you need to mark your calendar, or set a reminder in your favorite digital device. If you drive 12,500 miles per year or less, but service less frequently than every five months, then your Toyota Care benefits will expire and you will have completed fewer than the five available complimentary maintenance services. That would be a shame for both of us. Once Toyota Care expires, benefits cease, and no extensions are available.*

* Toyota does allow the final Toyota Care maintenance to be performed up to 24 months plus one month, and 25,000 miles plus 1,000 miles, as a concession to customer convenience. We strongly suggest that waiting until the last minute is perhaps not the best plan.

At Ourisman Chantilly Toyota, we want you to get the best performance out of your Toyota and the best value out of your Toyota Care coverage. If you have any questions regarding Toyota Care, please use the link below, or call us on 703-359-2955.

Friendly reminder: Engine repairs can cost $10,000.00 or more. Protect your Lifetime Engine Guarantee* by having your vehicle maintained on time at Ourisman Chantilly Toyota

*Lifetime limited non-factory warranty good at participating dealers on vehicles purchased from Ourisman

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